Öl Dominion Beer and Exploration Club is collaborating with other Virginia based tech companies to help unite Virginia's craft beer community like never before! Stay tuned for more to come in the very near future!

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Öl Dominion Club Membership Passes

Please select your membership pass from below and fill out your account and payment details in the popup.  Then you are good to go to purchase from any of our seller's collections. 

Welcome to Öl Dominion Beer and Exploration Club!

With over 430 years of beer production, Virginia residents have been in love with local, fresh craft beverages since the Jamestowne Colony's foundation in 1606. Öl Dominion Beer and Exploration Club embraces this history and represents a community dedicated to enhancing the craft beer engagement in the Old Dominion. Our goal is to provide a service that links amazing people to Virginia's craft beer community and our extraordinary craft beverage manufacturers. Our innovative craft beer festival style platform, gives club members the ability to support their local economy with 97% of every order staying in Virginia and going straight to the breweries. In addition, we are collaborating with other Virginia based tech companies to give personalized, fun and innovative ways to explore the craft beverage producers throughout all eight regions.

How does your membership pass work?

Öl Dominion was specifically built for Virginia's craft beer community. Think of it as a virtual craft beer festival, that never comes to an end. We set up each of our brewery partners to be independent vendors on our site and allow them to sell to club members directly. This is how we give our members access to support Virginia based breweries with no middlemen and have orders shipped to their homes. Each month, club membership passes (roughly the price of a pint or two), provide exclusive full inventory access that Virginia residents and craft beer lovers have dreamed of. Additionally, we look for new and creative ways to engage our club members and motivate their adventurous spirit. We want to bring all eight regions of craft beer enthusiasts together under one platform and help reestablish Virginia as one of the best craft beer communities in the country. American craft beer began in Virginia and we were at the top for over two centuries. In the last 50 years we have fallen to middle of the pack and we need to unite to help us evolve and regain our former title!

Membership Pass Benefit Package :

🍺 Access to full brewery inventory listings (not the same three beers found in stores).

🍺 Single platform access to brewery direct shipping programs from all over Virginia.

🍺 Convenient and fast shipping, straight from the brewery.

🍺 Tiered flat rate shipping options available, based on the size of your order.

🍺 Sponsored craft beer community events (exclusive membership perks).

🍺 Connection to statewide craft beer community and support.

🍺 Instant eligibility for sponsored contests and giveaways.

🍺 Members only popup discounts and promotion eligibility.

🍺 Supporting local small businesses directly.

🍺 Every dollar spent stays right here in Virginia.

🍺 Guided Virginia Tourism ideas.

Öl Dominion Club Membership Passes

Please select your membership pass from below and fill out your account and payment details in the popup.  Then you are good to go to purchase from any of our seller's collections. 

More Details

Every dollar you spend goes to supporting Virginian small businesses. Help our community rebuild, by supporting all of our amazing, local craft beer manufacturers. Since we are soley a Virginia based company, you should expect to see your orders in 2-3 days, depending on the distance from the brewery in relation to your home. Shipments will typically depart within 24 hours M-F. Orders placed over the weekend, will ship on Monday.

The state of Virginia limits breweries to only be able to send two cases (48 beers) per address every month. However, this is just for one brewery. Club members can place orders with as many breweries as they want, under the two case maximum for each.

Our platform gives you an opportunity to engage with our craft beer community. Although, we work with each brewery to offer exclusive club member promotions and provide onsite discounts, the prices on our site mirror the pricing listed on each vendor's personal site. Öl Dominion is not a discounted wholesale site, but rather an exclusive access provider to support as many Virginia based breweries that we can.

Öl Dominion does not provide a same day delivery guarantee. There are plenty of options to access beer quickly if that is your preference. What we offer is an easy way to purchase a full range of beers from several breweries on one platform and have it delivered to your home. As the business grows, we have a plan to speed up the process and get our members their orders faster. Please be patient and help us grow to that point.

After you receive your order, make sure to show your support and stay engaged on social media. Like, follow and tag pictures using our #oldominionbeer, #virginiacraftbeer and tag the brewery you supported for your chance to win exclusive promotions!

With over 430 years of history in craft beer, Virginia produces some of the best beer in America. There are several reasons why access is regional, but Öl Dominion is committed to resolving this and allowing breweries of all sizes to compete in the same arena. Please keep in mind beer taste is subjective and as a club member you are committed to ensuring we maintain access to fresh, local craft beer. Negative comments and feedback online is a serious violation to the club, as it goes against the core value of what we are trying to achieve. Please keep that in mind as you discover all the new beers. If you have a complaint or a suggestion, please email us directly. We appreciate all feedback good and bad.

Öl Dominion does not have a membership refund policy. Members that purchase subscriptions, will remain active members until expiration period ends. Please visit the shipping and return policy tab for details on order returns.

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Alcohol sales are strictly prohibited to individuals under the age of 21. Please verify your eligibility to be a club member!


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